Updating Fields

Updating field data is the most important task within our form. Without explicitly updating a form, we won't see any changes at all.

With every update we are able to change any of the field data properties which are:

  • value
  • isEnabled
  • isRequired
  • isTouched
  • isValid

If not set differently, isTouched will be set to true by default.

There are basically two common cases where we update our field data.

Update on User Input

The most common use case is to update the field value on user input. Thanks to React's synthetic events, this task is pretty simple for any built-in form field.


const Input = ({ updateField, value }) => {
  function onInput(e) {
    updateField({ value: e.target.value })

  return (
    <input value={value} onInput={onInput} />

Update on Form Change

Despite updating values on user input, we trigger do some advanced updates on global form changes. For example, we want to enable field [b] if field [a] updates its value to true.


import { Form } from 'react-controlled-form'

const initialFields = {
  a: { value: false },
  b: { isEnabled: false }

function onChange({ data, updateField }) {
  if (data.a.value === true) {
    updateField('b', {
      isEnabled: true

const UserForm = (
    /* form fields */

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