Debugging Forms

A common requirement is to seamlessly debug forms, the form data and everything at runtime with ease. Despite the basic practice of using the browser devTools, there are some neat tricks to do that:

Redux devTools

Right, since the form data and state is fully handled by Redux under the hood, you can choose any Redux devTool to debug your form data and even use features like time traveling.
Another helpful pattern is to add the Redux store to the global window namespace e.g. = store just after your store setup. (check the examples on how this works).

Displaying formatted JSON

If you've already checked one of the examples, you may have seen the simple yet helpful JSON representation of the form data. It shows the whole form data at any point of time and updates automatically as properties change.


It must be rendered inside the Form-component to show any effect.

import { Form } from 'react-controlled-form'

const DataDisplay = ({ data }) => (
  <pre>{JSON.stringify(data, null, 2)}</pre>

// Usage
<Form render={({ data }) => (
    <DataDisplay data={data}>
)} />

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