Reduces the whole data object to an object with just the data values.
It is especially useful if you just want to send the form values to a backend.


  1. data (Object): The data object which contains all the field data. It is passed to Form's onChange, onSubmit and validate and is mapped to component props using withData.


(Function) An object with just the field values.


import { mapDataToValues } from 'react-controlled-form'

// example data
const data = {
  firstname: {
    value: 'John',
    isRequired: false,
    isValid: true,
    isEnabled: true,
    isTouched: true
  accepted_terms: {
    value: true,
    isRequired: true,
    isValid: true,
    isTouched: true

const values = mapDataToValues(data)

values === {
  firstname: 'John',
  accepted_terms: true

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