Validation Errors

Now that we now, that we are able to validate both the whole form as well as each field independently, we surely want to display some helpful validation error messages as well.

Primitive Input Error Messages

The most primitive way is to simply do that within the input component.
Let's take the previous example and add a validation message.


import { asField } from 'react-controlled-form'

function validate(value) {
  return value.match(/^\d+$/) !== null && parseInt(value) > 0

const Age = ({ updateField, value, isValid }) => {
  function onInput(e) {
    const value =

      isValid: validate(value),

  const errorMessage = isValid ? null : (
    <span style={{ color: 'red' }}>Only real positive numbers are allowed.</span>

  return (
      <input value={value} onInput={onInput} />

export default asField(Age)

Flexible Error Messages

For many use cases, the primitive implementation is just fine. Yet, sometimes we want more flexible advanced error message. For example, if we want to show a message that depends on the validation state of multiple form fields. Another example would be, to display the message somewhere else e.g. in a dedicated form validation overlayer.

Luckily, we can achieve that using the withData-API, which allows us to provide form data to any React component.


import { withData } from 'react-controlled-form'

const Message = ({ isValid, country }) => (
  if (isValid) {
    return null

  return (
    <span>You are not allowed to smoke under the age of 18 in {country}!</span>

const mapDataToProps = ({ age, country }) => ({
  isValid: age.value >= 18,
  country: country.value

export default withData(mapDataToProps)(Message)

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