It is used to pass the form updater methods to any React component.


  1. component (ReactComponent): A React component that gets enhanced.


The component receives a set of props that are passed down by the HoC. All props automatically update if a change is triggered for this field.

Prop Type Description
updateField (Function) Updates a specific form field data. It takes two parameters:
1. fieldId: The unique field id
2. fieldData: The new field data.
updateState (Function) Updates the current form state. Takes an object with updated state keys.


(ReactComponent) Enhanced React component


import React from 'react'
import { asUpdate } from 'react-controlled-form'

// will set the field 'name' to 'John'
function DemoUpdateButton({ updateField }) {
  const updateName = () => updateField('name', 'John')

  return <button onClick={updateName}>Update</button>

const DemoUpdate = asSubmit(DemoUpdateButton)

// usage
<DemoUpdate />

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