It is used to enhance any React component with the ability to submit the wrapping form.


  1. component (ReactComponent): A React component that gets enhanced.


The component receives a set of props that are passed down by the HoC. All props automatically update if a change is triggered for this field.

Prop Type Description
submitForm (Function) Submits the wrapping form and triggers the onSubmit event.
isFormValid (Boolean) Indicates if the whole form is valid.


(ReactComponent) Enhanced React component


import React from 'react'
import { asSubmit } from 'react-controlled-form'

function SubmitButton({ submitForm }) {
  return <button onClick={submitForm}>Submit</button>

const Submit = asSubmit(SubmitButton)

// usage
<Submit />

Tips & Tricks

  • You may use isFormValid to change the visual appearance of your submit button. This helps the user to better identify if the form can actually be submitted. For example, you may reduce the CSS opacity if it's invalid.

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